How Should I Prepare for a House Cleaner?

“How should I prepare for a house cleaner?” This question is common among clients of The Green Team, Barrie house cleaners. The quick answer is – tidy up, ensure a comfortable working environment, and be ready to provide access to your home. Now, let’s explore these pointers in detail to help you get the most out of our eco-friendly and professional cleaning services.

Pre-Cleaning: The Initial Steps

Declutter Your Space

The primary goal of a house cleaner is to deep clean your home, which includes tasks such as dusting, vacuuming, scrubbing, and mopping. By tidying up your space and removing clutter, you enable cleaners to focus on these core tasks. The less time they spend navigating around toys, dishes, or paperwork, the more time they can devote to deep cleaning your home.

Comfortable Working Environment

Our cleaners at The Green Team are experienced and prepared to work in various conditions. However, creating a comfortable and safe environment will allow them to be more effective. This includes ensuring adequate lighting, maintaining a comfortable room temperature, and providing a clear path for them to move around, especially if you have large furniture or other potential obstructions.


If you’re not going to be home during the cleaning, ensure there is a clear plan for our cleaners to gain access to your home. This might mean leaving a key in a secure place or providing a code for a keyless entry system. Also, please provide any necessary information about alarm systems or tricky locks to prevent any access issues.

During the Cleaning: Smooth Operations

Pets and Kids

Our cleaners at The Green Team are typically pet and child-friendly. However, for efficiency and safety, it can be helpful to arrange for pets and young children to be in a separate space during the cleaning process. This allows the cleaners to work faster and prevents any curious little ones or pets from getting into cleaning supplies.

Availability for Questions

While it’s not necessary for you to be present during the cleaning, being reachable by phone can be very helpful. If the cleaners encounter any unexpected situations or need clarifications, they’ll be able to resolve the issue quickly with minimal interruptions to their work.

In conclusion, a bit of preparation goes a long way in ensuring that you get the best cleaning experience. We’re always ready to provide you with a clean and green living space.



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